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Happy things in life post (finally)! =3

So last night, I entered VERY last minute to a logo design contest for a friend of mine. I'm kind of happy with how it came out,  and hopefully at work today, I'll have some time to sketch out my idea further. I'm about 96% certain that I didn't win (the announcement of the winner will be on the 18th), but I had fun doing it =]. And I also just want to sketch it out because I like the idea that I was going with. I used to design business cards at a former work of mine, so I know a -little- bit about logo designs, but I'm not really a graphic designer; I mostly use 'traditional' methods of art. Anyways, once I finish that up, I'll post it on here =].

Things with Chris are, as always, going splendidly ^^. I love that he has his own house now. It makes it so much easier to just be myself and be with him how I want to be with him without anyone else in the way. Last night, we came back home earlier to drop me off to play a Pokemon board game with my sister. It was pretty awesome, and we had some serious talks about my boyfriend wanting to open up his emotions' 'dam', and my sister gave him some good advice, and I let him know that he will always have me here to help him out with anything he needs. I think it went pretty well =]. We also had a lot of funny time as well =3.

Well that's just the first part. Maybe I'll do a second part next time! Now to skip off to work (I'm late o_o).

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