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Something that everyone should read.



Those who are in the cosplay and convention world, these are two important articles to read. I'm sick of people letting horrible things like this happen without any condemnation because the woman was 'asking for it.' No. No one deserves to be treated with this disrespect. I'll admit, I did let some situations pass because I didn't have the guts to do anything. I'm going to try to be better because this is something that just shouldn't continue. I'm going to gain courage because I don't want anyone to face with the horrible feelings that those situations cause. It's horrible, disgusting, and shows that our world is still hung up on males being the better sex. I'm hoping that the world will be more fair soon, but I know that's basically a pipe dream. What I /am/ happy about is that AWA holds very high standards for harassment. You harass someone, you're more than likely going to be banned for life from one of the biggest conventions in America. Now if only more cons took this type of cases more seriously.

/rant done/.
Holy bloody mother of fuck, it's been a while since I've been on here x_x. I made sure to check everyone's journal before even thinking of posting an entry of my own.
My life continues to be hectic, busy, and crazy. My Meemaw is still up here! xD She was supposed to go back home around mid December at the latest, but circumstances have just kept her around. I love having her here, talking, having advice for life, and just having fun with her. I'm going to sorely miss her when she heads back down to Florida.
Chris just started his last semester! He's exhausted and swamped, but I'm so happy that this is the last time he has to be so upset and stressed from school, so I'm extremely happy =3.
Things are still going well with us, and I still continue to fall more in love and become closer to him every day. He has a new resolution to have one hour of serious talk once a week to make sure that I won't be neglected while he's super busy. I can't say enough how special and wonderful that's made me feel =]. It was really nice, and we got to air out a lot of our thoughts and concerns. I'm so glad that I have him because now, I wouldn't even know what to think about how my life would be without him.
My dog, Pookie, is going to turn 13 in about a week and a half. To me, it's amazing she's lived so long. She has tumors around her body, and lately she's been walking with a limp, as well as sleeping a lot more than before. I know that she's aging and probably has at most another year in her, but I'm going to miss her so much. My Daddy picked her out (well really, Pookie picked my Dad), and it's going to be hard to lose her because she was one link that I still had to my Dad. It's going to be hard, but I want to make sure she's as happy as possible while I can give her love and affection.
I've been sick for about 2 weeks now too x_x. I had a sore throat (still have a little),coughing up a storm, and I was without a voice for 3 days before I had what I dub the Magical Elixir that a friend gave me a recipe for. Luckily I'm mostly over the virus now, so I'm ready to get back to 'normal' for me.
I'm going to start working soon on another cosplay for this year's AWA! So stoked to do this =3. I just need to find an old pattern of mine. I'm going to be combining two patterns in order to make the right shape and all. The person I'll be cosplaying is Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing. So excited ^^. I'm actually growing my hair out so I don't have to worry about shelling out money I don't have for a wig. My hair currently is right above my bum now, so that's good! ^^
Bleh, I can't think of what else to say other than I love my Meemaw, Pookie, Chris, and all of you! <3.
Oh goodness, this last week starting from the 9th to today has been extremely busy! I've barely been home at all (which isn't really a bad thing) and have slept in my own bed maybe 3 times.

Very long post about my long, long weekCollapse )


Second Set of Kakashi Costume Pictures

Yup, I did a small test run of my ANBU Kakashi costume. I'm going to praying, for the first time in my life, that it'll be cold in two weeks since I was sweating in my costume while wearing it for 10-15 minutes! O_O


Picture of face, mask, and the top part of my costume. With losing weigh though, the black top doesn't fit me as well ;-;. I may need to alter both the vest and the top. And my gloves keep slipping! I'm gaining more muscle in my arms, so they're bigger around, so it's annoying *le sigh*. I also don't have my wig yet, one of my friends is styling it for me.


The full outfit shot. I'm not wearing the bandage/gauze around my arms because I only have enough for the convention. You can't quite see all the details of my pants here, but there's bands around them. I'm going after the design of the video game portrayal of ANBU Kakashi, basically just because it was easier to make XD. The shoes are really comfy too! Best part of the costume easily.


Just another face shot. I have my contacts in again as I'm trying to get used to them again. I need to get used to putting contacts in again. It took me about 5+ minutes to get both of them in ;-;. 

So yeah, that was fun =]. I found out what I need to mess around with, and I'm glad that I did it before wearing it at AWA =]. Need to mess with the vest, top, and possibly the arm guards.

Ugh, I'm so tired. I may go take my contacts off soon and take a nap after my episode of Gundam Wing is done.
So almost at least once a day or so, I'll get a great idea to write in here.

And then of course, I forget to write it or even check lj. I'm really starting to get more annoyed with my pills. I swear that one of them is interacting with my seizure pills, and I'm not liking it one bit. I may start taking an extra half pill every night now =/. My doctor said that I could take it that way if needed, and right now, it's looking like I really need it. I hate having moments where I just can't remember a thing, and then my anxiety goes haywire because of it. *sighs* but it is better than it once was, so I should be thankful for that. I just don't want to go backwards anymore. I've been out of my thyroid pills for about a month now too, since I need someone to help me order them from my doctor since neither sides can understand the other =/.

Happy news! I'm quite happy with relationships right now. I got to see one of my bestest friends recently while my parents were up in DC, and it was quite a fun day. We walked to Goodwill which is about maybe a mile away? I used to have trouble with walking that much, but it seems like my body is starting to strengthen itself up again =]. My back was kind of killing me, but I made sure to take some Tylenol Arthritis that day. It was great; we talked, we shopped, we just laughed and had fun together. I'm glad I got to see her =].

Boyfriend and I are still doing wonderful. I'm so glad that last week and this week I'm being picked up on Tuesday because I swear, I don't know what's going on with my parents anymore.... I, it's ridiculous some of the demands and 'ideas' they have with me. Thankfully, I know that I have Chris and my siblings to always be there and have my back. It hurts when I feel like my mom is just my monetary supporter, and that my sister and brother are now my parents. It's how it was before, and I guess I just realize more how much they've always been there for me and how much they care. When my mom decided to re-marry and move to GA, my brother was actually rather quick to suggest to say that he would adopt me so I could stay. I really wish I was able to stay down there with them, but at least now, we're back together (fyi, my whole family lives together in one house currently). I'm so glad to be getting close with my brother again. I missed being able to talk with him, and he's such a great guy, really. It makes me wonder why he doesn't have any romantic interests (or if he does, they're being too damn quiet!). He kind of looks like the Ninth Doctor to me, and somewhat acts like him too =P. Emmy, if you ever meet you, you'll have to tell me what you think =3.

I have lots of stuff to say, but a lot of it is just pictures in my head. I need to go read some kakasaku fanfics now because of a certain lj user's tumblr page ;). She knows who she is.
Happy things in life post (finally)! =3

So last night, I entered VERY last minute to a logo design contest for a friend of mine. I'm kind of happy with how it came out,  and hopefully at work today, I'll have some time to sketch out my idea further. I'm about 96% certain that I didn't win (the announcement of the winner will be on the 18th), but I had fun doing it =]. And I also just want to sketch it out because I like the idea that I was going with. I used to design business cards at a former work of mine, so I know a -little- bit about logo designs, but I'm not really a graphic designer; I mostly use 'traditional' methods of art. Anyways, once I finish that up, I'll post it on here =].

Things with Chris are, as always, going splendidly ^^. I love that he has his own house now. It makes it so much easier to just be myself and be with him how I want to be with him without anyone else in the way. Last night, we came back home earlier to drop me off to play a Pokemon board game with my sister. It was pretty awesome, and we had some serious talks about my boyfriend wanting to open up his emotions' 'dam', and my sister gave him some good advice, and I let him know that he will always have me here to help him out with anything he needs. I think it went pretty well =]. We also had a lot of funny time as well =3.

Well that's just the first part. Maybe I'll do a second part next time! Now to skip off to work (I'm late o_o).

I feel angsty like an emo teenager....

I really don't know how much more I can take. I just found out that I'm at serious risk for acute pancreatitis and stroke, and there's a possibility of having a heart attack. I'm 23. How the fuck did my life go from, "oh I'm fine, I just have a little bit of a bad immune system" at 14 to "fuck, I'm about to take 20 different medicines and I'm still not fine" at 23. What happened? I have no idea how my life just flipped.

I'm going backwards here today, but the reason why I'm at risk for pancreatitis and stroke is because my triglycerides have yet to go down, and has instead increased over time. I'm at somewhere around 900 and the maximum it should be is 150 =/. It's really bad.. It was at 700 when I was 14, 600 three years ago, 350 two years ago, and somehow with a better diet, it's up to 900. I really don't know how it happened. For the possibility of a heart attack, I've never had a good amount of 'good' cholesterol, which puts me at risk for that. I guess I can rejoice in the fact that at least my 'bad' cholesterol is low too?

Ugh. Anyways, honestly, life has been mostly good otherwise. I got to spend time with my boyfriend this week and I was glad that he was there when I was told the news. I miss waking up next to him. I've never felt so comfortable elsewhere. 

My life is not that bad, just stressful and full of too many pills. I miss my friends a lot though.. I need to remember to text more often, seriously.

Love you allll <3.

Lizzi: I used to teach kindergarten, and as long as you have their attention, they'll almost worship you XD
Callie: XD
Lizzi: (sounds so horrible)
Lizzi: XD *snickers*
Lizzi: oh god the horrors!
Callie: I can hear the screams of terror!
Lizzi: They're coming for us with fruit roll-ups and crayons!
Callie: "Ma'am, can you tell me what you saw?" "*sniffle*...a thousand tiny humans...they colored ALL the walls...!"
Lizzi: And they couldn't stay in the lines!
Callie: AHAHA
Lizzi: I love us
Callie: we rock
So I just received an email from a homeless ministry, where they house, feed, and clothe the homeless, saying that there's a clerical/desk job that I can volunteer for! It may be free, but it'll look good on my resume, especially when I need to gain real work experience to gain a clerical job in the future. I'm rather excited right now =]. I don't know how well it'll go, but please, good luck thoughts and prayers would be very welcomed that this will go some place good for me. I just emailed them back asking when they want me to start, what to bring, etc. I should have asked what to wear, but I think if I wear a nice shirt/blouse and maybe some nice jeans or tan pants should work? I'm not quite sure.. Damn, I wished I had asked. If I get an email back soon, I'll ask them then, I suppose.

Other than that, I went to Alabama last week! From Tuesday through Friday. It was pretty fun in some parts, but damn traffic and roads over there! Boooooooooo.. Oh well, anyways nice things: BEAUTIFUL botanical gardens, awesome art museum, and good and serious conversations with my boyfriend =]. All three was free as well! ^^ I took some pictures that will eventually be loaded onto my computer, as well as vacation pictures from Savannah from November XD.
Whoo another update!

So the DDR tournament yesterday was pretty fun =]. Chris ended up with 4th place overall, just one below getting a money reward. It was a little scary for me (being the only girl not working there for most of the tournament, then the girls that showed up were kind of floozies <_<), my anxiety started kicking up for a bit, but Chris was able to sit with me for most of the tournament when he wasn't dancing =].

I also did something impulsive and updated my facebook with saying that the first five people who liked my status would get a free art thing. I'm happy that I did it and it was filled in less than five minutes! I was kind of surprised, but a happy surprise nonetheless =].

I feel sick today. I might have caught something from either my sister or from someone at the tournament. I'm sweaty and icky bleh.

Yup, that's my life.

Oh also changed around my journal stuff. I kind of like it; it's all cheerful now =].